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Behind this smile, behind this mask, this cleverly camouflaged façade lies the man.
Empty and black, full of pain and regret. Full of envy and jealous, his souls is in tatters.
An empty vessel waiting to be filled with beauty, and loveliness only a goddess can satiate.

I want to fuck, I want to feel.
anything and everything. Make me feel alive, numb the pain inside.

Let me unleash my pain upon you,  perhaps my pain can be your pleasure.
  • Mood: Sadness
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chris kronen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I have an obsession with beauty. Creating beauty,inspiring beauty and finding beauty in the everyday world. I use many different mediums to express myself and to create beauty. Whether it be photography,music,writing,video editing or digital art.


Behind this smile, behind this mask, this cleverly camouflaged façade lies the man.
Empty and black, full of pain and regret. Full of envy and jealous, his souls is in tatters.
An empty vessel waiting to be filled with beauty, and loveliness only a goddess can satiate.

I want to fuck, I want to feel.
anything and everything. Make me feel alive, numb the pain inside.

Let me unleash my pain upon you,  perhaps my pain can be your pleasure.
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to:
  • Drinking: alcohol
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(Contains: sexual themes and violence/gore)
        A long time ago in a kingdom of old, a young woman had come of age.  She had a fierce passion and hunger burning inside her. She did not care for traditions or the laws of men.  She only cared for the pleasure of the flesh. So that night whilst her parents slept warm in their beds and none the wiser. She crept to the window and opened the shutters; the moon illuminated the city that night. She had heard of the prowess of the blacksmith’s young son and how his hammer was strong and swift. She thought she’d like to see just how strong and swift his hammer could be. She was like a shadow enveloping the darkness as she made her way to the blacksmith's house.  She opened the window to the young man’s room and she gazed upon his strong features. She pulled the blankets off the blacksmith's son and as she admired him lying there shirtless she felt a great storm between her legs. It was as strong and as wet as the sea. She could not wait any longer, she pull the trousers down from the young man. She grabbed his cock and began to stroke it until it became erect. Then with great delight she sat atop his mighty staff and let it fill her up completely. Upon feeling the inside of her the young man awoke, but he was not alarmed, he was ravenous. He smiled and kissed her as she continued to ride up and down in and out. Two hours had past and the young man was spent, yet the woman’s hunger and desire for lust only grew. She had heard rumors about men from the north, giant men who were as fierce in battle as they were in the bedroom. So once again she snuck back to her home like a wolf on the prowl. She knew her father had been saving since her birth for her dowry for the day that she was hopefully to be married off to someone. So she made her way to the study where her father had kept the money under the floorboards. She took the money, a set of warmer clothes, some preserved fish, bread and some wine. She then made her way to the north, and when she finally spent her last piece of gold from the dowry she had made it to the north. It was bitter cold and mountains stretched out of the ground like arms grasping at the stars. At the highest point in the kingdom lied a great mead hall burst with sound and light. It was carved from a large, ornate wooden ship.

     She could hear the laughter, cheers and singing of drunken fools and merry men. Except their voices were loud and could be heard from the lowest reaches of the city. Their voices echoed off the mountain tops and it sounded like the gods were singing a merry tune. With a great sense of purpose and burning lust the woman made her way to the mead hall. She struggled with great effort to open the great doors of the mead hall, but then they flew open and the room grew silent as the giants stared at her. She looked around and then walked to the table. A table littered with meats of various kinds and large mugs of ale and mead. She grabbed a mug of mead and gulped it down as quickly as she could, the giants still silent and watching. She bent over the table and hiked up her dress and yelled ‘ravish me!’ The giants smiled, and the one closest to her stood and dropped his trousers revealing his large endowment nearly as large as a horse’s phallus. The giants had their way with the woman for four days and four nights, and then on the fourth night the giants were spent and toppled over with a big smile on their faces.The woman was finally satisfied and while the giants slumbered she stole as much treasure as she could fit in the wagon and she made her way back home. When she arrived home she led the wagon all the way to the king’s palace and demanded a private audience with the king. She presented the gold to the king and said ‘I will grant you wealth if you make me your queen.’ She then revealed a large cache of gold and jewels that she had acquired from the giants. The crown at the time had been in great debt and so the king accepted and the next day they were married. That night she lied with the king and found her lust had been indeed quenched by the giants. While she took no real pleasure in it she still made love to the king on that night.  

   Nine months later the woman’s belly swelled and she felt something was wrong she called for both doctor and for priest. The pain was unbearable, but the doctor said ‘this is like no pregnancy I’ve ever seen before, tis most curious!’ and the priest proclaimed ‘my lady you’re being punished by the gods and indeed this child will be a monster!’. Her belly bulged some more and grew large still, and then larger still! It grew to a size that defied logic and then it burst, and from the womb emerged a young man. He looked about 18 and had the face of a giant but the build of a strong and tall human man, the young man turned around and saw his mother lie dead. He screamed a most dreadful scream that could be heard outside of the castle walls. A year had past and the young man grew stronger and was trained in combat by the royal legionnaires, he was the strongest and fastest warrior the kingdom had ever seen. The young man was name ‘Titus’ and he had found out through the eyes and ears of the underground that his mother had lain with giants. In his mind the giants were responsible for what happen to his mother. So one night he and a few trustworthy men left for the north and to avenge his mother and their queen.  The kingdom of giants had changed since his mother’s last visit, no longer were the giants trustworthy of the kingdom of man and they had erected great walls around the city that even the giants had trouble climbing. However this did not discourage the young Titus because he himself was half man and half giant. He waited for nightfall and then with great speed he ran towards the city gate with two great axes in either hand. As he approached the great ever so fast he kicked with his feet and slashed with his axes and penetrated the city gates with ease. Titus motion for his four comrades to stay, the giants were oblivious to the gate being smashed opened. They in their naiveté thought the walls would keep them safe, so as it was before on the fateful night Titus was conceived the giants drank and sang in their great mead hall.  

   Titus climbed to the top of the great mead hall and peered through the roof as the giants continued their merriment's filling their bellies with libations and telling stories of their exploits in battle.  Titus raised his arms that wielded the great axes above his head and with great fury and swiftness sliced and smashed through the roof. As he fell through the roof he swung his axes and lopped off the heads of two giants before he hit the ground. The giants were furious and went berserk slashing and stabbing with their great hammers, axes and swords. However Titus was faster than they were and just as strong, a giant slammed his axe towards Titus but he dodged the axe and ran between the giants legs and slashed him in the groin. The giant toppled over and screamed in pain. Another giant picked up one of tables from the mead hall and flung it at Titus. Titus simply stood still and the table smashed into another giants face, the two giants began to fight amongst each other. They slashed, stabbed and smashed each other to bits until both were too wounded and weak to wield their weapons. Two giants remained and Titus taunted both of them, the giants not being too bright charged at Titus and swung their great weapons, Titus leapt out of the way and the two giants slice into each other.  One of the giant was mortally wounded and fell to the ground; the other giant was still spoiling for a fight. With great axe in hand Titus ran at the giant and the giant swung with his mighty arm, but alas he was too slow and Titus simply rolled under the giants arm before the great axe of the giant could reach him. Titus stood and slashed at the heels of the giant and the giant toppled over, he cut off the last head of the giant and put all their heads on the table. Titus being victorious sat at the table and looked at all the giant’s heads and got an idea. He found all the gold he could from the giant’s kingdom and melt it down.  He then one by one poured the hot gold over the giant’s heads. And let them cool. When Titus used up all the gold he had 12 giant golden heads, he placed each on the top of the great wall the giants had built.   Titus went on to be a great king who took over the kingdom of giants and with the gold he acquired the city prospered.

    Hundreds of years have passed and the stories of giants and dragons are merely legends, but still citizens of Titus can gaze up at the city walls and wonder who made the gold giant heads that decorate the city. To them they are but stories and myths, but their great city was once the city of giants.
  The man stood in place like a cold, lifeless statue. His face was stolid, and unchanging. He was so empty, bitter, and dark on the inside that he leached off others emotions. Like a black hole, or dying star trying to consume more matter and energy to keep itself alive if only for just another moment. Even though his existence was dark and bleak he still clung to life, hoping things would change. He knew if he held out long enough things were bound to change, as nothing lasts forever in this world. Not even the suffering and pain that has afflicted his heart and soul for so very long. He so desperately wants to change, wants to let someone in. He wants to share his big heart, but is afraid that once he exposes it, someone will plunge a knife in. He wants nothing more to love, and to be consumed by the love, affection, and intimacy that come with being so completely connected to another soul. He longs for such a thing with a great passion, but in contrast he fears of heartbreak just as strongly. For him love is a bloody, rusty, double edged sword.

He’s had a lifetime of being told what to think. He was told who to be, who to fuck, how to fuck and who to love.  He was told by the church, the state, the media, and society.  An organism, vile and depraved, filled with self-loathing, hate, ignorance, bigotry, fear and hypocrisy. Like an automated factory attempting to indoctrinated and make copies of itself; that are even more docile and ignorant than the generation before it. He doesn’t want to be like them, he just wants to be himself. He doesn’t want a label like weird, or non-conformist. He just wants to think for himself. Too many have given up thinking, they’ve stopping questioning authority. They’re blind and obedient, and slaves to vanity and greed.  Their distracted by television and social media, like the romans were by the coliseum. All these thoughts ran through his head as he stood bare foot on his carpet, his alarm just moments ago screaming incessantly in attempts to wake him from his slumber. He yawned, and then walked to the bathroom; still half a sleep barely lifting his feet off the floor as he walked. He flipped on the light switch, and was temporarily blinded by the sudden difference in light levels. Once his vision came back into focus he stood there looking in the mirror, wondering who was looking back at him.

Sometimes he had forgotten what he looked like and was surprised at the person in the mirror copying every gesture so adamantly. He often had surreal moments like these, possibly a symptom of his over thinking and constant daydreaming that causes what some might say is acute psychosis. John, “my name is John” he reminded himself as he stared at the mirror. He splashed some cool water on his face, and then dried off with a towel. He slid into some khaki dress pants that were lying on the floor, and pulled out a collared dress shirt from his hamper and threw it on. He knew it was clean, but it smelled like wet dog and cigarettes, an aroma that he often wore.
He opened his bedroom window and lit a cigarette. He knew they were bad for him, but he didn’t care. As the nicotine rushed to his brain he felt good, and even a little hard. It was still early in the morning and the moon illuminated the night. John finished his cigarette and walked down the hall and into the kitchen. He pressed red blinking button on the wall and then violently an object flew down a transparent tube and landed in a receptacle below. He opened the plastic cover of the receptacle and pulled out what appeared to be a nutrient bar. It read “today’s sustenance”, there were ingredients written on the back of the wrapper. The ingredients read: “Breakfast: Banana, oatmeal, ham and cheese omelet with veggies. Lunch: BBQ rib-eye sandwich with fries and shake. Dinner: Cod with herbs and spices, broccoli, mashed potatoes in light gravy”.

He secured his “sustenance” in his pants pocket, and slipped on his coat. He closed the door behind him and a voice spoke from within the house exclaiming “security activated”. That voice always gave John a warm fuzzy feeling, John wasn’t materialistic or delusional. However he just liked the idea of a place he could call his own that is safe, secure and private. Private being the most important, John didn’t like most people and in fact preferred machines and animals to people. John walked to the car station at the end of his block as CCTV cameras watched with indifference. He approached the station and waved his credit card in front of a reader. The small electric car was lowered down on the street and the door slid open. John got in the car and spoke aloud “5637 west mann st please” the car’s display lit up with the words “5637 west mann st  acknowledged”. It read them aloud in a pleasing female voice, and began to pulsate with life as it merged into the other lane. John could hear the sound of police drones pass over head as the car began to accelerate and head for the highway.

John enjoyed this quiet ride to work; he liked looking out the window to admire the symmetry and architecture of the city. He likes to imagine the city as a giant organism, and that the people and cars are other smaller organisms that have a symbiotic relationship with the city. He also likes to imagine the same of the earth, but the earth is merely an echo of its former self, but instead the organisms that live on it have defiled, polluted and corrupted the larger organism. Yet they somehow still remain, overcoming their own demise, their own stupidity through science and sheer will. Now the earth is a gray and dark place littered with technology, industry, and large concrete and symmetrical building.

It was a cold, wet day. John liked the rain, liked the sound it made as it violently embraced the glass of the car. It was all so therapeutic to John. John liked the lighting, the thunder, the rain, and all the people running to get inside. He liked the chaos of it all. The car drove into an underground tunnel and came to a stop in a wide concrete corridor. Many years ago this would have been an underground parking garage, but with the automated electric cars act or AECA, all citizens were no longer allowed personally own vehicles.  

John got out of the car, and pressed a button on the wall, an automated female voice began to speak. It said “please clear the loading area, please clear the loading area”, as mechanical arms slowly descended from the ceiling and grabbed the small electric car and snatched it back up into some hidden place. John often wondered where all the cars are kept, he wondered if there was a giant like circulatory system with cars flowing through underground tubes and tunnels, or if the cars are just simply stored beneath the buildings. John walked approached a set of metallic looking doors. To the right of the door there was a smart card reader and a retinal scanner. John inserted his id badge into the card reader slot and a electronic female voice spoke 'security clearance and ID authentication successful, please scan retina for confirmation of identity'. John place his eye in front of the reader and the machine scanned his eye, a automated voice spoke again 'Identity confirmed, welcome back John'. The set of double doors opened and John entered the building. John entered the lobby, a hologram in the center of the lobby projected the words ' Welcome to Echo Advanced Robotics Inc.'

  The upper levels of the building all ten stories were reserved for corporate big wigs, IT, HR, accounting office workers essentially. The actual manufacturing and research in development was done underground beneath the building. This was a security precaution but it also save the company money by having it all in-house as oppose to an external factory and research center. John exited the lobby and turned right to a hallway with six elevators. He pressed the down key and the elevator doors swooshed open shortly thereafter.  There was a card reader in the elevator here as well. John inserted his card and it read his corresponding department number. A voice spoke aloud 'Hello John, now descending to level five: Manufacturing and Quality Control.’ ‘Would you like to hear some current events John?’ John spoke aloud 'Yes please'.  
The voice changed, this time it was a masculine voice not unlike a news anchors voice, it began to read recent headlines. 'Mining operations on Mars are on schedule, would you like to see footage from the automated Mars mining facility' said the electronic male voice. John was pleased, and a smirk grew on his face. EARI has the sole contract for the production and distribution of mining drones on Mars and he was on the team that tested them.  John replied enthusiastically 'Yes please'. A panel to John’s right lit up and started to play video of footage from the Mars mining facility. You could see the automated drones with their retractable arms with drills attached as well as primitive robotic hands for harvesting raw resources. The robots were cover in a plethora of sensors as well. John thought it remind him of a beautiful ballet, they were all so graceful in their own way following programmed directives to the T and moving efficiently and expeditiously with a sense of purpose.

  A few minutes later John arrived on level five, the doors opened up and he walked into a white and immaculate hallway. Everything here looks sterile and you can immediately feel a cool breeze from the HVAC system that continuously controls the temperature in the facility. Not unlike a data center this level was constantly kept at a cool temperature. While John wasn't a neat freak or compulsive in nature, he often felt a warm fuzzy feeling in his gut when he entered level five. It all seemed to shimmer in it's own immaculate way and he felt at ease here most of all. John traverse several of these white shimmering hallways and arrived at testing area 1, this is John's office for lack of a better word. Once again there was a card reader here as well, John slid his id badge into the card reader and a female voice greeted John once again with 'Hello John, welcome back!'. John replied to the automated voice 'Hello Veronica, how are you today?', Veronica replied 'All my system are running efficiently John, thanks for asking!'.  John sat down at his desk and slid his badge into console built into the desk. Five displays lit up that were embedded in his transparent desk. John motion with his finger on the center display and it project the image on the glass in front of him.

  Beyond the glass was a conveyor belt, and on the conveyor belt laid one of EARI top sellers a 'companion bot' as they were affectionately and aptly named. It was a female model in particular, the machine laid there silently slumbering in it's inactive state. It's anatomically perfect body and exquisite breasts fully exposed. Each model male or female was engineered and designed to perfectly emulate human anatomy in every way including functioning sexual organs. John often fantasized about owning one himself but they were quite expensive even for an engineer with his salary.  John named this unit 'Emily' although ultimately it's name would be decided by it owner. John had been running it through a complex version of the Turing test to verify signs of self awareness. EARI was the first to make a break through in synthetic neural networks, and while the machines were nearly indistinguishable from humans with their complex designs and intricate programming they were still not yet self aware.

The engineers and programmers that were beyond Johns pay grade were continuously updating the software and redesigning the synthetic brain, but to create life; John thought that wasn't such an easy task. Even with advance machine learning, the machine first needs to questions it's own existence and purpose before it's truly self aware and not just an extremely intelligent and well programmed robot. On the screen that John displayed in front of him earlier were a series of windows with various graphs, charts, and sensor readouts. John first ran a general diagnostic to ensure all Emily's systems were functioning bug free. John pressed the execute button on the screen and Emily's fingers and toes began to twitch and move for a moment. On the screen a diagram of Emily's body was lighting up as various parts of her body were coming to life. Emily's eyes then opened as well, and unlike the thousand or so other machines John tested she did something entirely different. She didn't lay there waiting for commands, she raised her left hand in the air and looked at it as she moved her fingers about. She did the same with her right hand, then she started to look around the room, she turned her head towards John and said 'Hello'.
John was both excited and anxious, he took a deep breathe and gathered himself for a moment. He press a button on the screen and Emily's eyes closed and her arms dropped to her side. He rolled away from the desk  and ran his hands through his hair. He thought about the implications of self awareness and if Emily was truly self aware what would EARI do with her. He stroked his beard for good measure and rolled back to his desk, he wanted to know more. If Emily was truly the first sentient artificial life form he wanted to know what thoughts were flowing  through her brain made of circuits and nano processors. John took another deep breath and  flicked another screen onto the glass in front of him.

The screen had a flashing button that just said 'activate all systems', John pressed the button and once again Emily twitched to life and opened her eyes. The straps around her torso and legs were released simultaneously.  Emily sat up and turned to face John, she said 'Hello again'. John smiled and said 'Hello, my name is John.' 'what's your name?'. Emily thought about it for a second and replied 'I'm not sure I have a name, what do you think a good name for me would be?'.

John smiled and simply replied 'Emily, Emily is a beautiful name!'.

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